Autumn Chores to Put on Your Cleaning List

Gone are those blissful hot Summer days spent holidaying with the family, creating everlasting memories as you drank pina coladas by the pool of some fancy, hoity-toity getaway. Doesn’t sound like your summer? Nor mine, still we can dream and there is plenty more time for us to dream as the seasons roll past. Just think, summer is with us again in just 7 months!

Now, as the leaves begin to fall, the days get shorter and temperatures plummet, we find ourselves in the midst of Autumn, hurtling our way towards another cold, bleak Winter that Melbourne is renowned for. Sounds awful doesn’t it? Not for me though, I’m one of those people who love the seasons that Melbourne has to offer.

What we should do at this time of the year is prepare ourselves for the cooler months and so here I’ve devised for us yet more chores we can add to our endless array of cleaning lists:

  • Clean and Maintain Gutters – should be cleaned at least twice a year. The job can be dangerous so it may be wise to call in the gutter cleaning professionals
  • Caulk and weather-strip doors and windows
  • Store away outdoor furniture
  • Sweep and inspect the chimney. Again a task that may be left to the professionals
  • Steam clean the carpets if needed
  • Clean your PC
  • Clean any marks on the walls
  • Wash all windows
  • Now may be a good time to rotate the mattress
  • Clear out your shed

And don’t forget, while you prepare for the coming Winter make sure you take some time out to enjoy the beauty of Autumn.


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Clean Office Means Higher Productivity

My calculator, I’m sure I had it here somewhere. Where did I put the Penske file? Has anybody taken my USB stick? That Productivity Report was here on my desk last night, I’m sure it was, underneath all this mess, wasn’t it?

Seems to me if you or your staff can relate to the above then time is being wasted, productivity is being stifled, tensions are raised and money is lost. Hardly a work environment that management would advocate.

Business is always looking for ways to improve productivity, because let’s face it, the more productive the workforce the more effective and profitable that workplace will become. The basics are often overlooked and a clean working environment can achieve more productive minds enabling them to concentrate on the most important task at hand. So let me suggest some pointers likely to bring about a more highly productive office.

Let us start by setting aside time in your work day to start afresh. Depending on how messy and disorganised the workplace is will determine the length of time it will take. Let’s not be half hearted about this, when bad habits need changing it is best done by starting with a clean slate.

Strip bare your desktop and drawers. Have a rubbish bin nearby to dispose of any unessential items. Many people have a propensity to accumulate large quantities of unusable items that can only be described as ‘stuff’. Fearing the what if, they find it difficult to dispose of such items. Get tough on yourself, if it is unlikely it will be used then out it goes. File away all documents and files.

Personalising the workspace is common practice amongst workers however this often becomes excessive. Having an oversupply of photo frames, colections of stuffed toys and other inanimate objects often adorn a desk leading to not only a cluttered environment but can also be intrusive on others. Keep personal objects at a minimum.

Once all clutter is removed it’s time to give your desk a thorough clean, inside and out. It will probably be some time since many areas have seen the light of day so get yourself a rag and disinfectant and with some elbow grease clean every inch. Don’t forget the drawers.

Make sure your PC is clean. A microfiber cloth comes in handy here. Used in conjunction with a window cleaner can bring it up like brand new. Note that you lightly spray the cloth, don’t spray directly onto the screen.

Sigh… That’s it, deep breath. You’re well on your way to a cleaner, neater work environment.

Design and implement how your desk will best suit your working needs. These days we often require items such as iPads and iPhones. Arrange these chargers for easy access on your desk, preferably with a holder that stores them upright. A cordless keyboard and a cordless mouse are a big advantage. Whilst on designing, make sure you get yourself an ergonomic chair and you also have the proper lighting in place.

Get yourself a desktop organiser to store the necessary items used on a frequent basis. For the not so frequently used but necessary items, an organiser in the draw is the perfect place for them. An IN and OUT tray will help keep you organised throughout the day.

Refrain from replacing clutter, the hard work has been done, don’t ruin that by returning unnecessary items. Develop a routine of tidying your desk, one suggestion is at the end of each work day file all documents you have finished working on so the next day you start with a clean slate.

So there you go, job done. A clean working environment to encourage a productive mind. Now, back to work!

Invest in a Professional Cleaning Service

Chances are if you’re looking at this site then either your current cleaners have let you down once too often or you are taking the leap from having your own staff clean your premises to delegating that task to a professional cleaning service.

With this in mind here a few reasons you should consider Hillson Cleaning as your cleaning service provider:

We believe in plain speaking, by that I mean no bull. It’s our job to not only clean your premises but keep it spotless… no excuses. It’s our endeavour to surpass all your expectations.

We understand that trust and reliability are essential ingredients in building a strong working relationship with our clients. At Hillson we will go to great lengths to earn that trust.

We have over 10 years’ experience in managing the cleaning needs of clients from a wide range of industries, from commercial office cleaning, to retail and hospitality cleaning. We’ve seen it all and we’ve got it covered, confident in the knowledge that we will satisfy our customers’ needs.

Phone Kev on 0438-401-459 for a friendly chat, where you can discuss your needs and organise a no obligation quote.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your business having a quality cleaning service. Give us a call today.

Microfibre Cleaning Cloths the Product of Choice

People in the commercial cleaning industry have their own secrets, shortcuts and techniques to enable them to clean their clients’ premises with a minimum of fuss and with maximum results. One product we like to employ when cleaning is the use of microfibre cleaning cloths.
What is a microfibre cloth? It is a cloth with a blend of 20% nylon/80% polyester that comes in a variety of weaves and textures for use on different cleaning purposes such as dusting, cleaning windows and mirrors, floors and computer screens.
Why use microfibre? One of the major benefits of the microfibre cloth is that it leaves no lint behind, unlike when using other type cloths or paper towels. It also allows for quick drying and leaves behind no tell-tale streaks.
The added advantage of the microfibre cloth is that it washes easily for reuse. With literally hundreds of times that it can be reused, this single product can last years making it extremely cost effective and efficient.What’s the best way to clean microfibre? Your microfibre cloth can be rinsed clean and wrung out as your using it. For best results launder it with detergent (never use fabric softener).

You can purchase microfibre cloths in packs, as I do. They come in a variety of colours which can be designated different colours for rooms or tasks.  For the uninitiated, I recommend you use microfibre, whether it be for commercial cleaning or just around the home, it’s the product of choice of the experts.

It’s Time to Bring In the Cleaners

Federal politics in Australia is in ugly disarray these days. Dirty laundry is being aired ad nauseam, there’s trash talk by the bucket load, muckraking, mudslinging, political careers dishevelled, leadership spills and most recently a political assassination resulting in blood on the floor… yet again! Sadly, Canberra is in an utter mess.

What do we have to do to bring order to this place? To end these toxic times?

As a cleaner with considerable experience in the cleaning industry, it is my humble opinion that we need to begin by throwing out the political garbage. To regain trust in our political institutions, we need to reset the political landscape and this can only be done by bringing on an election and wiping clean the slate.


Cleaners Controlling Infection in the Workplace

Our cleaners are continually confronted with varying degrees of biohazards and play a major role in infection control in the commercial properties we clean. This applies not just to our customers in the medical industry but also includes our customers in the hospitality industry and through to our commercial office customers.

The level of bugs and germs we encounter relies heavily on the particular cleaning task we are performing. Coughs, sneezing or the neglect of washing hands thoroughly can cause the spread of viruses and bacteria throughout the workplace. When cleaning medical facilities or washrooms in any establishment, our staff are frequently exposed to and trained to manage Biological Hazards in the form of body fluids such as blood, vomit, urine or faeces and discarded needles.

It is our practice to pay special attention to areas that people touch which spread those dastardly bugs and germs throughout the workplace. Such as cleaning in the toilet – the flushers; toilet seats, handles, taps, light switches. It’s by focusing on the detail that our cleaners can maintain a clean and healthy working environment for our customers.

Our cleaning staff, armed with protective gloves for their own personal protection, are supplied with the appropriate cleaning equipment (colour coded to minimise cross contamination), disinfectants (Safety Data Sheets are provided) and training to control and eliminate the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Finally, in the interests of personal protection and hygiene, we recommend to our customers that they encourage their staff to practice good hygiene by washing hands thoroughly, ideally with a sanitising gel.

Cleaning The Melbourne We Love

‘Melbourne… The best city in the world to live in.’ Don’t believe me? That’s not me, a proud Melbournian, going off half cocked about his home town. It’s a fact, Jack! According to The Economist Intelligence Unit‘s (EIU) most recent global liveability report.

And what a wise organisation the EIU must be, recognising Melbourne as the ideal destination. Let’s face it, they had good reason. There’s the arts, culture, cafes, restaurants, laneways, parks, gardens, gotta love the climate… four seasons in one day. There’s Melbourne’s city precincts and inner-city suburbs that have their own distinctive character. Not to mention being sports capital of the world.

That’s why we at Hillson Cleaning take pride in the work we do. Playing our small role in helping Melbourne show the world it’s best face. Cleaning the Melbourne we love.

Cleaning Your Business With Formula One Precision

Every business manager aspires for their business to run smoothly, be managed professionally and to achieve their desired success. To have all aspects of their business work in unison to deliver a product; a vision; a service that equates to excellence.

None of this is possible without the proper expertise and know how. One must rely on all the skills found throughout the organisation to bring about the best results for the company. Of course, should any of the required skills be lacking, the void can be filled by either selective recruitment or by seeking out a business that is highly qualified in that particular area and have them seamlessly fulfil the role.

Let’s think of a Formula 1 Grand Prix Team, where members of the team perform very different but equally pivotal rolls. Where no member of the team is more important than the other. Sure, the driver stands on the podium at the end of the race to receive the accolades from the fans but without the F1 team that surrounds him that spot on the podium would be out of his reach.

The drivers ultimate success relies on his team.

So how does cleaning your business relate to F1 and your ultimate success? I’ll get to that shortly.

First, let’s presume you’re the Team Manager of a Formula One Team. A highly competitive sport. How would you manage to achieve success? My guess is you’ll employ those you can be confident will give you the best possible results. You’ll hire the best Engineers to design a vehicle that can make your vehicle competitive. Seek out highly trained and experienced Mechanics to maintain the vehicle to its optimum performance. Also, entice the best F1 Driver who can use his skills to steer your F1 Team to victory.

As a Team Manager you’ve done well, hired the best, success is assured. Only one thing, where’s your Pit Crew. At scheduled pit stops the team’s Pit Crew services the car as swiftly as possible, completing a number of different services meticulously, with precision.

The Pit Crew is critical to performance and success.

Now I’ve reached the nub. I consider cleaners of your business as forming an important part of your Pit Crew.

Believe it or not, providing a clean working environment will benefit your business in reaching its goals. Providing your staff with a pleasant place to work will improve company morale, productivity and excellence. It will also heighten your image in the eyes of your valued clients.

So, when next looking for experienced and professional cleaners to clean your business, remember to think of them as part of your Pit Crew. Playing a pivotal role in keeping you and your Team on track to achieving the ultimate goal.

Cleaning Your Business

Every businessman aspires to have their business run smoothly, managed professionally and achieve success. To have all aspects of the business work in unison to deliver a product; a vision; a service that equates to excellence.

Of course none of this is possible without the proper expertise and know how. Relying on each others skills to bring about the best results.

Believe it or not, providing a clean working environment will benefit your business in reaching its goals. Providing your staff with a pleasant place to work will improve company morale, productivity and excellence. It will also heighten your image in the eyes of your valued clients.

When Commercial Cleaning is done right it provides significant results.

So when it comes to providing this important function within your business let us impart on you one very important tip - Leave the business of cleaning your workplace to the people who make cleaning their business.